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Extend day-off benefit to all workers in Singapore

Posted by Caritas Singapore under Letters on 6 July 2011

We strongly support the suggestion by Madam Halimah and hope that the Ministry of Manpower will consider implementing a day off each week not just for foreign domestic helpers but for all workers in Singapore.

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Victimised migrant workers - Protect, don't punish

Posted by Stephanie Chok under Letters on 26 August 2010

The point of Home's letter was about a greater need to protect migrant workers who have been victims of scam agents and punish those who deliberately deceive them

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Prosecute human traffickers and protect scam victims

Posted by Jolovan Wham under Letters on 15 August 2010

Migrants who have been trafficked are treated here as immigration offenders, rather than persons who have been victims of scams and exploitation.

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Academic freedom not on par with basic human freedom

Posted by Jamie Alicia Nonis under Letters on 1 August 2009

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Capital punishment: Is it justifiable?

Posted by Koo Zhi Xuan under Letters on 29 January 2009

It is a legitimate question which any concerned citizen is morally entitled to ponder and, in a free society, to voice.

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Single, unwed parents need leave too

Posted by Anson Lim under Letters on 28 January 2009

Why are Singaporeans who are single parents penalised? One could argue that such single parents are even more in need of leave than married couples.

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Crime statistics: Ask and ye shall receive

Posted by Derek da Cunha under Letters on 19 January 2009

I REFER to the comments last Saturday by Law Society president Michael Hwang ('How effective is punishment?') about the apparent lack of published statistics on crime in Singapore?

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Human rights are universal

Posted by Clement Wee under Letters on 16 July 2008

IN THE light of Ms Chua Lee Hoong's commentary last Saturday, 'Speak up and say what human rights mean to you', I wish to say that human rights are a universal standard of rights all societies must uphold.

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Small pay rises won't stoke inflation

Posted by Hong Wai Leng (Ms) under Letters on 16 July 2008

I AM baffled by what Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said in his address last Wednesday to some 500 unionists about being wary of wage-induced inflation

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Close widening income gap; do more to help the poor

Posted by Gilbert Goh under Letters on 12 June 2008

Singapore's poor turn to temples to fill bellies. Most are elderly or labourers, in a country that has the second highest GDP per capita in Asia after Japan but ranks alongside the Philippines and Guatemala for income disparity.

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Govt's call for greater civic role has clear limits

Posted by Low Tzer Kai under Letters on 5 September 2007

The Government's calls for greater diversity and inclusiveness stop short of allowing genuine political debate and contestation.

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Time to temper focus on monetary rewards

Posted by Leong Sze Hian under Letters on 8 April 2007

I REFER to the report, 'Govt must close pay gap to retain talent: PM Lee - Pay for staff Grade 1 has slipped to 55% of benchmark' (BT, March 23).

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CPF is not social safety net

Posted by under Letters on 6 December 2006

The problem facing Singapore is low wages for the lower-skilled and older workers.

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How will the govt cushion impact of GST hike?

Posted by Leong Sze Hian under Letters on 6 December 2006

I REFER to media reports that there will be no government fee increases for one year after the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) hike kicks in.

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Salvage all lives, even if they weigh on family

Posted by Yap Swee Hoo under Letters on 22 September 2006

I APPLAUD Dr Lee Wei Ling's call for more nursing homes to be built for the disabled whose ageing parents are unable to look after them ('Don't salvage lives that will weigh on family'; ST, Sept 15).

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Singapore's reputation has taken a beating

Posted by Soon Sze Meng under Letters on 19 September 2006

I FIND Dr Andy Ho's article, 'Activists shooting themselves in the foot' (ST, Sept 18), rather biased in painting the civil-society organisations (CSOs) as groups that prefer disruption to engagement.

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Ban on activists attending the IMF/WB meeting

Posted by J.B.Jeyaretnam under Letters on 18 September 2006

Singapore had said there were security concerns about 27 of the hundreds of activists accredited by the World Bank.

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Re: Race counts against new citizen when renting house

Posted by under Letters on 24 August 2006

"I was happy to hear about welcoming talents, upholding the multicultural society and meritocracy, irrespective of race. ...When I asked my agent, he told me most Chinese landlords prefer tenants in this order: Ang mohs, Chinese. Malays, Indians. I was dumbfounded."

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Bus and MRT Fares Hike

Posted by Leong Sze Hian under Letters on 9 August 2006

I refer to the article "SMRT, SBS apply to raise bus, train fares" by T Rajan(Straits Times, Aug 2).

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Let Mr Brown speak

Posted by Eric Tan Heng Chong under Letters on 31 July 2006

In Mr. Brown's case we did not see any evidence of an open society. Today suspended his column shortly after the MICA letter as though he has done something wrong.

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