Posted by ALMOS under Human Rights Watch, Policy Watch, Human Rights Education, Statement on 11 December 2015

As Singapore prepares to engage other United Nations member states on its human rights record at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in January 2016, it is clear that much more needs to be done by the government to properly address human rights issues, including to engage Singaporeans on the meaning of human rights in an inclusive society. The Alliance of Like-Minded CSOs in Singapore (ALMOS) is particularly concerned by the government’s overly-broad citation of “national security” in response to questions on the human rights impact of its practices. Citizens are not given a clear indication of the parameters of these security concerns; nor are they provided with convincing evidence that what the state practices is in proportion to the supposed security risks. It has also failed to explain how national security necessitates the turning away of refugees who have been persecuted in their home countries.

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Posted by TC, SADPC, WBSC under Editorial, Statement on 10 October 2015

This October 10th, the Singapore Working Group on the Death Penalty is commemorating the 13th World Day Against the Death Penalty in solidarity with all individuals and groups working on the abolition of capital punishment. Singapore commendably amended its death penalty regime in 2013, but the amendments did not go far enough in abolishing the mandatory aspect of the punishment. It is a fact that the mandatory death penalty still remains and will continue to be applied unless certain conditions are met. Singapore therefore retains its position of having the death penalty for drug smuggling or trafficking.

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Civil Society Joint Statement on the Persecution of Amos Yee

Posted by Think Centre under News on 6 July 2015

The Community Action Network and Think Centre are deeply concerned about the deteriorating health of Amos Yee.

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The Alliance of Like-Minded CSOs in Singapore (ALMOS)

Posted by Think Centre under News, Human Rights Education on 10 December 2015

The Alliance of Like-Minded CSOs in Singapore (ALMOS) is a group of civil society organisations (CSOs) that have collaborated to submit a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) to the United Nations in 2015, to highlight human rights issues in Singapore. ALMOS is represented by AWARE, Function 8, HOME, Project X, Sayoni, Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign, The Online Citizen, Think Centre, We Believe in Second Chances and WWF Singapore, who have synergised efforts to increase international and local awareness of civil and political rights of Singaporeans through a combination of lobbying and public engagement activities.

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Statement on the current pre-sentencing treatment of Amos Yee Pang Sang

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 4 July 2015

Think Centre (TC) calls for the State to urgently review its treatment of Amos Yee before his final sentencing is confirmed. The State should immediately allow him to be transferred from his remand location at block 7 to either a suitably equipped private hospital to continue his assessment or at the minimum, to the private wards available in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), to prevent further deterioration of his mental well-being.

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Think Centre 2015 Labour Day Message

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 30 April 2015

Lets work together to make a difference to the working poor who earn S$1500 and below. This is a good time to think, to pause and reflect on building solidarity among workers and to ensure decent work and minimum wage for all. Lets call to end "survival wage" and remind those who reject the call for decent work and minimum wage to be in solidarity with the working poor. Singapore achieves phenomenal growth but productivity remains very low as employers are free to exploit local and migrant workers with low "survival" wages and long working hours. Lets call for decent work and minimum wage for all workers on this International Workers Day. Lets stop the exploitation of all workers and call for the protection of human and workers rights for all without discrimination.

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Statement on Singapore's first Prime Minister's Passing

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 24 March 2015

Today, many respect the first generation of Singaporeans and their leaders, chief among them was Lee Kuan Yew. However, as with the history of many successful leaders, these gains came at a great price.

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EU STATEMENT by the Spokesperson on the recent executions in Singapore

Posted by EU under Breaking News on 25 July 2014

The capital punishment can never be justified. The European Union opposes capital punishment under all circumstances and calls for its universal abolition.

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Posted by United Nations Human Rights Office for South East Asia (OHCHR) under Breaking News on 23 July 2014

The United Nations Human Rights Office for South East Asia (OHCHR) today expressed deep concerns over the resumption of executions in Singapore after 3 years of suspension, despite the overwhelming global trend towards abolishing the death penalty.

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Death Penalty: Singapore resumes executions

Posted by Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign under Breaking News on 18 July 2014

Regressive development in Asia, following the trend set earlier by Japan and Taiwan, Singapore resumes executions after an unofficial moratorium since July 2011.

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Massive leap backwards as Singapore resumes executions

Posted by Amnesty International and Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) under Breaking News on 18 July 2014

Singapore has taken a reprehensible U-turn by executing the first two prisoners since 2011, Amnesty International and the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN) said today.

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Singapore: Many unhappy with work and social realities

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 14 July 2014

The latest figures from the Central Provident Fund showed that more than half of active CPF members who turn 55 have less than the Minimum Sum in their accounts.

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Commentary: Is Singapore Still Under Emergency Rule?

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 14 April 2014

The recent enactment of the Public Order (Additional Temporary Measures) Act or PO-ATM Act confirms that Singapore is still possessed by the "siege mentality" and a deep sense of insecurity.

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Statement on the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 13 January 2014

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUS-FTA) that will be considered by the European Parliament must not be promoted at the expense of human, labour, or environmental rights.

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Handling of riot aftermath exposes national laws and practices that violate international standards

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 23 December 2013

Think Centre expresses grave concerns regarding the apparent discordant gap of Singapore laws and practices in violation of international standards in the treatment and handling of migrant workers.

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Think Centre (TC) International Human Rights Day 2013

Posted by Think Centre under Editorial on 10 December 2013

Think Centre calls for the protection and promotion of human rights for every individual in Singapore as we commemorate International Human Rights Day 2013.

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Reflection on the 11th World Day against Death Penalty

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 19 October 2013

We urge the government to strongly re-consider the total abolition of the death penalty, and to institute a review every 20 years for life imprisonment cases, so as to bring us in line with more developed and progressive nation.

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TC 2013 Labour Day Message: A Fair Deal for All Workers and their Families

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 30 April 2013

Think Centre calls for the legislation of anti-discrimination laws to better protect all workers, women and migrant workers, implement minimum wage to help bridge the gap between the rich and poor.

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Social Justice in Singapore

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 9 March 2013

Many Singaporeans and migrant workers are feeling that there is a "pervasive sense of deep injustice that the weakest are being asked to sacrifice the most".

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Think Centre Congratulates Workers Party for Punggol East by election win

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 27 January 2013

Think Centre extends its warmest congratulations to Punggol East voters, the Workers' Party (WP) and its MP-elect Ms Lee Li Lian for its by-election victory.

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