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Think Centre’s concerns on distressed migrant workers during the pandemic

Posted by Think Centre under Human Rights Watch, Labour Watch, Statement on 31 July 2020

The four recent reported instances of migrant workers who endangered their own lives, and in one case who was found dead, is an alarm that the authorities should heed and respond to accordingly... Many of them still live in crowded conditions, face prolonged uncertainty over employment and income, risk of infection, it would be inevitable that their mental health would suffer. Furthermore, current conditions also risk exacerbating pre-existing health issues, disability and disease among these workers... Think Centre reminds the government that Singapore is a signatory to the recent ASEAN Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers which obliges Singapore as a Receiving State to "protect the fundamental human rights, promote the welfare and uphold the human dignity of migrant workers through appropriate measures that ensure fair treatment towards migrant workers and prevent abuses, exploitation and violence towards them"...

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Think Centre's 2016 Labour Day Message

Posted by TC under Labour Watch, Statement on 1 May 2016

Ever wondered how much the uncles and aunties who clean after we eat at food courts and hawker centres earn? The construction workers who build our homes, bridges and roads? Do we think that amount they get accurately reflects the true value of their contribution to our society and economy? 50 years of single-minded focus on economic development has made it almost impossible for a large segment of workers to find decent work and provide for their families. Most Singaporeans work amongst the longest hours in the world. Wages remain depressed and stagnant for many while companies continue to increase their profits. The only way for real productivity to increase is to strengthen and build the resilience of workers through real strategic investments in their skills and capability and not just as an afterthought. For the longest time, the benefit of a company’s increased profits has gone to shareholders and directors, who even with rising operational cost would rather pass the burden to the consumers and workers than deduct their own salaries, bonuses of directors and top management. We have enabled firms to make careless use of this cheap labour. To protect the workers adequately, we urge the government to harmonise the Labour Laws with International Labour Standards as reflected in the 1998 ILO Declaration which spells out the fundamental principles and rights at work. This is a similar call to many of the countries that made recommendations to our government at the recent Universal Periodic Review conducted by the United Nations in Geneva. Think Centre urges the Government to amend or remove outdated policies to protect the rights of all workers and their families.

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Blanket recruitment

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Labour Watch on 11 April 2010

Singapore: Jobs are increasingly available but ironically many of the positions are in search for more foreigners to fill rather than Singaporeans.

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Singapore: 5.9% or 116,300 are jobless

Posted by Abhijit under Labour Watch on 1 December 2009

Half the 1.99 million working Singaporeans and permanent residents earn less than $2600. And the majority of workers who found new jobs this year were hired on contracts for less than three months.

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Provide better protection for pregnant women in workforce

Posted by Chin Hwee Chin under Labour Watch on 3 August 2009

Pregnant worker terminated by MNC with no maternity benefits payout. Employment Act still unable to protect pregnant women workers adequately.

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Tighten labour laws to protect older, vulnerable workers

Posted by Gilbert Goh under Labour Watch on 23 July 2009

Older unemployed workers in Singapore continue to face discriminatory hiring practices with less than adequate protection under current labour laws.

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Job losses in recession-hit Singapore

Posted by under Labour Watch on 4 June 2009

Some 8,100 workers were either laid off in the fourth quarter of last year or facing retrenchments over the next few months.

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Singapore: CSO-TU make recommendations on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers

Posted by under Labour Watch on 29 April 2009

Civil Society Organisations and Trade Unions Join Forces for the first time to Table Recommendations on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers to the Ministry of Manpower

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Posted by under Labour Watch on 22 November 2008

The Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) is calling for the Ministry of Manpower to include domestic workers under the Employment Act and to implement major reforms to protect the rights of migrant workers in Singapore.

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Singapore: Violation of Trade Union Rights 2007

Posted by under Labour Watch on 6 July 2008

Under an amendment to the Trade Unions Act adopted on April 20, 2004, union members no longer have the power to accept or reject collective agreements negotiated between their union representatives and the employer.

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Low-wage workers do not contribute to CPF

Posted by Jasmine Yin under Labour Watch on 23 July 2007

FOR sweeping and mopping two storeys of a Raffles Place building four hours a day, 51-year-old Michael Chan pockets $380 a month about half of his monthly expenses like food and transport.

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Statement on the ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers

Posted by under Labour Watch on 11 April 2007

ASEAN is forging ahead with the elaboration of an instrument for the protection and promotion of the rights of Migrant Workers. ASEAN needs to move forward with the harmonization of labour legislation in-line with regional integration.

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Protect, don't dismiss, pregnant women workers

Posted by Derrick A Paulo under Labour Watch on 8 April 2007

The rising number of pregnant employees seeking redress through MOM for unfair dismissal, with 90 per cent of claims substantiated, is evidence of discriminatory and unfair practices.

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ASEAN member states urged to ratify UN Human Rights Treaties and ILO Core Conventions

Posted by under Labour Watch on 25 January 2007

Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers, FORUM-ASIA, and Migrant Forum in Asia jointly submitted a written statement to ASEAN member states to appeal for the ratification and implementation of the UN Treaties and ILO Conventions.

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Posted by Task Force on Asean Migrant Workers under Labour Watch on 15 January 2007

The Vientiane Action Programme (VAP), under the goal of promoting human rights, includes a programme area dedicated to the "elaboration of an instrument for the protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers". The commitment of ASEAN member States to such an instrument was recently re-affirmed at Cebu with the ASEAN Declaration on the protection and promotion of the rights of Migrant Workers.

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Wan Soon Construction fined for non-payment of salary

Posted by under Labour Watch on 17 October 2006

Wan Soon Construction was convicted and fine for non-payment of salary. The company faced 283 charges for failing to pay salaries to Indian migrant workers in 2004. In 2002, More then 200 Indian migrant workers protest against the non-payment.

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MOM to the aid of mums

Posted by Tor Ching Li under Labour Watch on 31 July 2006

PREGNANT women who are unfairly sacked even before their sixth month of pregnancy after which it becomes illegal for an employer to do so can seek recourse from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

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Standard contracts on hiring maids launched

Posted by S Ramesh under Labour Watch on 31 July 2006

While the employment contract stipulates the minimum one day off entitlement for the maid in a month, if the day off is not taken, the employer would have to compensate the maid in cash.

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S'pore: Play Explores Migrant Workers Suffering

Posted by Melanie Lee under Labour Watch on 26 June 2006

The economic vulnerability of the migrants exposes them to social problems which form the crux of "Mobile." About 150,000 women work as maids in Singapore, most of them from impoverished villages in the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

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Singapore rejects calls for maids' mandatory day off

Posted by under Labour Watch on 10 March 2006

By excluding maids from its Employment Act, Singapore's labour laws fails to comply with international law.

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