ASEAN Civil Society Conference & ASEAN Peoples' Forum 2011

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The ASEAN Civil Society Conference / ASEAN Peoples' Forum (ACSC/APF 2011) will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3-5 May 2011. Think Centre is inviting Singapore Civil Society Groups to brief and discuss the participation in the ACSC/APF 2011.

ASEAN Civil Society Conference and ASEAN Peoples'Forum

Claiming a People-Centered ASEAN for a Just Global Community
3-5 May 2011,Ciputra Hotel,Jakarta

The ASEAN Civil Society Conference / ASEAN Peoples' Forum (ACSC/APF 2011) will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3-5 May 2011.

Think Centre will be holding briefing session for Singapore Civil Society groups interested in participating in the various workshops related to promoting an ASEAN "People-Centred" Community.For more information e-mail Think Centre

Think Centre and the Singapore Working Group on ASEAN was the key local host of the 2007 ACSC + 3 together with the regional SAPA Working Group on ASEAN.

Background Information

The civil society-led forum, the ACSC was initiated by the Government of Malaysia. Whilst chairing ASEAN in 2005, the Government of Malaysia commissioned the ASEAN Study Centre of the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) to organise a civil society event parallel to the 11th ASEAN Summit on December 2005.

The ACSC helps to consolidate CSO's positions on major regional issues and agenda. The ACSC helps gather wide-range of civil society groups and try to influence the policy direction of ASEAN.

February 2006, a strategic action planning for advocacy meeting was organized by several NGOs in Bangkok, which establish the Solidarity for Asian Peoples' Advocacies (SAPA), which is an open platform for consultation, cooperation and coordination amongst Asian social movements and CSOs.

SAPA aims to enhance cooperation amongst its members and partners to increase the impacts and effectiveness of their engagement with inter-governmental bodies, including ASEAN. Since then, one of SAPA's Working Groups that work on ASEAN and its regional and national CSO members were always behind the organisation of the following and subsequent ACSCs.

Regional Preparatory Meetings leading to the 2011 ACSC/APF

CSO Recommendations for CPR

We thank the opportunity of meeting civil society by Committee of Permanent Representatives' Chair and we hope that this practice can establish standard of consultation and set the mechanism of engagement with other ASEAN's stakeholders. We would like to use this opportunity to convey our key concerns and aspirations regarding two issues: (a) the Draft of Guidelines on ASEAN's Relations with Civil Society Organizations, and (b) area of cooperation between CPR and civil society.
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ACSC/APF 2011 1st Regional Preparatory Meeting for ACSC/APF 27-28 February 2011

ACSC/APF 2011 2nd Regional Preparatory Meeting for ACSC/APF 2011
20 to 21 March 2011

ACSC/APF 2011 3- 5 May 2011 - ASEAN Civil Society Conference / ASEAN Peoples' Forum 2011

Past Civil Society's Statements in ACSC/APF

ACSC 1, 2005 Civil Society's Statement - Syah Alam, Malaysia

ACSC 2, 2006 Civil Society's Statement - Cebu, Philippines

ACSC 3, 2007 Civil Society's Statement - Singapore

ACSC 4 / APF 1, 2009 Civil Society's Statement - Bangkok, Thailand

ACSC 5 / APF 2, 2009 Civil Society's Statement - Cha-am, Thailand

APF 6, 2010 Civil Society's Statement - Hanoi, Vietnam

Singapore CSO-ASEAN Engagement

Think Centre 2007 Statement of the Singapore civil society

Think Centre ACSC-3 2007 Singapore Declaration

Think Centre ASEAN Civil Society Conference 22 August 2007

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