Do We Respect Our Children's Rights?

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Editorial on 29 September 2003

We will show the world that Singapore people do care about the rights of all children and we want them protected.

Parents have limited time for their children due to working conditions that are not family friendly. Children have no time for play or creative actively. Children are under strong pressure to perform well in their school.

Around the world, millions of children are denied their rights. Many children don't have the chance to learn to read or write. Countless children suffer unspeakable physical, sexual or psychological abuse. Many children are denied access to the health care that could save their lives.

Children are being exploited as cheap child workers. Most children from minority groups, single parents, and disability face discrimination.

Do we know what happens to the children of our migrant workers, especially the children of our foreign domestic workers?

Even in Singapore, we hear of discrimination of children with disability, learning difficulties, children with foreign fathers, etc.

Sadly, some children have thought of suicide and a few have tried suicide. They face difficulties coping with stress and the number of children suffering stress is on the increase.

The "installation art" display will be a memorable experience for everyone involved and will send a clear message to the world that Singaporean are advancing their children's rights.

We call on the local authorities to join us and the international community in respecting the Convention on the Rights of the Child which Singapore ratified in 1995.

We hope the participation of the public, especially children and students.

Think Centre will display the artwork at Speakers' Corner on October 5th from 10 am to 7 pm.

Show some love,

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