Celebrate Children's Day at Speakers' Corner

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The public,especially, students, parents and children, are invited to participate in the "installation" art by giving forms to their thoughts on children's issue.



Date: 5th October 2003 [Sunday]

Time: 10 am - 7 pm

In 1995, Singapore ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. Both the government and civil society organisation have an obligation to promote this.

25 September 2003, PELU approves the art display.


Installation Art for Childrens Day

Content of the installation

The installation will comprise of few pieces of patterned and colored bedsheets. Dolls will be placed on the bedsheets.

Meaning of the installation

The installation is about the need for more inclusion of disabled and handicapped children to be integrated into society. They are also a part of Singapore and hence they should also be given a fair chance to realize their dreams. The dolls on the bedsheets represent the normal kids in society and the bedsheets are of course the society.

Sleeping is an act of rest and peace. In sleep, there are dreams. The bedsheets as a representation of society is therefore a kind of symbol that we should give the children in our society a place that they can have peace, rest and not work and study all the time and also opportunities and capabilities to dream.

Ways to participate in the installation.

The public are invited to participate in the installation by giving forms to their thoughts on children's issue (both positive and negative) through the following ways:

1) Write, draw, paint or leave any markings (think Jackson Pollock) on the bedsheets.

2) Write, draw, paint on rages, cloths or any textile materials and use staple/sewing/superglue to past the textile materials onto the bedsheets. Buttons, badges, seashells can also be sewed onto the bedsheets.

3) Make figurines, dolls or any symbolic objects and place them on the bedsheets.

Participants are advised to use materials ie paints, objects that are resistance to water as the installation will be displayed at Speaker's Corner. Creativity and imagination is highly encouraged when participating in the installations.

For further information:

Sinapan Samydorai
President of the Think Centre
Tel: 9479 1906
Email: thinkcentre@hotmail.com
website: www.thinkcentre.org

Artist Tony Soh: 9437 5779

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