Will Singapore pay a price for being US ally?

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Editorial on 3 February 2003

Singapore hosts several United States [US] military facilities including a US naval logistics base and sides with US in the war on terror. Singapore would face a Muslim backlash if the US strikes Iraq as Singapore is located between Muslim Malaysia, Indonesia and strong muslim presence in southern Philippines and Southern Thailand too.

The Jemaah Islamiyah had planned to bomb western establishments especially the US facilities. There are thousands of Americans and Europeans living in Singapore who could easily become targets of anger.

The Palestinian issue is the single most important issue to Arabs and Muslims with increasing violence in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The Arabs want an end to the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, to resume negotiations and afford the Palestinians their right to form their own independent state and secure peace for Israel within internationally recognised boundaries. Israel which continues to ignore UN resolution on the conflict, is strongly supported by the US. There is genuine anger and despair in the Middle East, much of which is aimed at the United States.

In November 2002, ASEAN countries called for a United Nations resolution aimed at averting a US-led war against Iraq. Singaspore's neighbouring countries Malaysia and Indonesia do not support the US led campaign to launch a war on Iraq. How well would they see Singapore's naval and other facilities for the US military? Will it be viewed as direct support for US war against Iraq, against the Muslim world?

What price is Singapoe willing to pay for being a US ally on its war against Iraq or terrorism? Do we need to wait until terrorism comes to Singapore along with dead bodies? Then it will be too late. Until 1990's, Singapore needed the US as an ally to protect it from the "communist threat". Today, Singapore needs a mindset change and review whether its necessary to continue such a policy. Will such a policy still benefit Singapore?

Will there be peace even after the war?

Ponder over this quote: Our planet Earth is only a small star in space. It is our duty, to transform it into a planet whose creatures are no longer tormented by war, no longer senselessly divided by race, color or ideology. Give us courage and strength to begin this task today so that our children and children's children shall one day live in peace, justice and dignity.

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