"Singapore's Shame" Hits Australia, New Zealand!

Posted by under Breaking News on 12 March 2000

James Gomez will be travelling to Australia for three weeks to Australian Cities and Auckland in New Zealand.

His mission is to promote his book "Self-Censorship: Singapore's Shame" which will soon be launched in Australia.

James will also be speaking at universities, meeting up with the local media, hold dialogues with Singapore students, promoting Think Centre, discussing on the possiblities of setting up a human rights study committtee. In short Think Centre's just going global!

Tune in as Politics 21 Website brings in a blow by blow account of the meetings and happenging. Look out for pictures and see how information technonlogy makes is all seem so near when it is so far.

A first, on a Singapore website. We bring you news, political news, in a different way.

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In the first leg, Anbarasu Balrasan is the accompanying reporter.

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