Response to Kevin Liew's Comments

Posted by Anbarasu Balrasan under Letters on 15 March 2000

Reply to "Proposed Correction to Press Release".

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for your thoughtful letter. Very happy for your response. I will like to state that I have utmost respect for Dr Chee Soon Juan and his crusading style of taking the bull by the horns.

But of course you do state that Dr Chee was seemingly pessimistic about the future of human rights in the country.

Now for a person like me who follow local politics and whose own ideological position is left of centre than Chee's initial comments were very very disappointing.

Maybe I was expecting too much from Dr Chee. Let us not labour the point. Let us work towards the successful human rights committee and I believe that is the end product that we all want.

Best wishes,
Anbarasu Balrasan

Show some love,

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