Singapore's stand on Iraqi war questioned

Posted by J B Jeyaretnam under News on 10 June 2003

J B Jeyaretnam's latest press statement questions PM Goh stand on the Iraqi war. Does the Singapore Government still support the war when reasons given by US were lies. More then 5,000 Iraqi people and children were killed for that lie.

What is Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong trying to say in his statement about Singapore's stand on the war on Iraq. [ST 9 June] All that we can gather from his statement is that there was a duty on Singapore to support Bush and Blair.

There is no acknowledgement that from all accounts so far it would appear that Bush and Blair went to Iraq on a lie, misleading the United Nations and the international community into believing there was an imminent danger from Iraq releasing weapons of masss destruction on the world.

Is Goh Chok Tong saying that it was still alright for the US and UK troops to have invade Iraq, lying about their reason.

Does the PAP government and in particular its leaders condone lies. We know that the PAP government abounds in lies about Singapore but that at least has not wrought loss of innocent lives and damage in any country outside Singapore.

Will Goh Chok Tong or any of the PAP leaders say expressly that it is Singapore's duty to support the US and never cast doubts on the credibility of its leaders. Is that what Goh Chok Tong meant to say when he said the credibility of the US was very important.


J B Jeyaretnam
10th June 2003

9th June 2003 Straits Times

Singapore Stands by decision on iraq

"Our decision would not have been different. Everybody now has perfect eyesight, what we call 20/20 vision. But at that point in time, given the intelligence we were provided with, we supported the United States. The US was confronting Saddam Hussein. The credibility of the US is very important. Had the US backed down at that stage, it would be a very different world now. Would it better or worse for us? I think it would be better for the terrorists."
- PM Goh's response. when asked about Singapore's support for the US-led war on Iraq, which was believed to have weapons of mass destruction.

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